Webinar Wednesday "Year of Gratitude!"

Webinar Wednesday celebrates 10 years! We would like to take this opportunity to thank our WEBINAR ARTISTS for their dedication to our industry by sharing their unique talents during Webinar Wednesday.  We would also like to thank our WEBINAR MEMBERS for their continued support of the Webinar Program.  Together, let's go forth and ensure the next 10 years continue to be profitable, learning experiences.

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2019 Webinar Wednesday Schedule

Date Artist Category
January 30th Michael Harbridge Pottery
February 20th Arlene Smith Ceramic
March 20th Michael Harbridge Pottery
April 24th Bre Kathman Ceramic
May 29th Michael Harbridge Pottery
June 19th Cara Dimassimo Glass
July 17th Michael Harbridge Ceramic
August 14th Michael Harbridge Pottery
September 18th Frank Kahanic Ceramic
October 23rd Michael Harbridge Ceramic
November 13th Bre Kathman Pottery
December 11th Cara DiMassimo Glass
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Live This Week

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Latest Webinar Recordings

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